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At datingreview we have provided a synopsis of some of the finest chat sites Australia has to offer its singles. Whether or not you are keen to connect with the other members romantically, or you are simply eager to increase your social circle by interacting with a cross-section of affable people who could turn out to be excellent friends, there will be somebody on your wavelength. The key is to approach each title from an objective position. We are not stating that any site is necessarily better than others (although we have provided a star-scoring system to give you more of a handle).


Although this slickly-designed interface is aimed at flirty singles from a variety of backgrounds, the first hyperlink at the foot of the homepage is Australia!

Snapsexchat logo

This is so much more than a site where kindred spirits can liaise. As well as interacting in the hospitable chat rooms you can browse profiles and view photo galleries.

Cupid logo

Cupid is one of the top dating sites for matchmaking. An array of links to sub-categories at the foot of the homepage reveals international singles waiting to engage.

Tinychat logo

Tinychat is an online video chatting site where you can get to know a cross-section of single Australians. Appreciate music together or get into flirty discussions to your heart’s content.

Camamba logo

This free webcam site allows you to connect with kindred spirits from anywhere on the planet. Superior video and audio quality make this a popular resource, especially in Australia.

Chatroulette logo

Make friends, have fun, find love. The premise is straightforward, and the element of chance involved in being paired for conversations make it all the more exciting.

Teen Chat Rooms logo
Teen Chat Rooms

For young Australians not quite ready to commit to a full-on Internet dating site, these chat rooms are the ideal place to contact a variety of friends, for dating and flirting.

Chat Avenue logo
Chat Avenue

This site is essentially a portal offering links to 20 different sites. These range from General, Music, or College Chat, to Live Girls on Cams.


This site has been pairing single Australians for over 20 years, so it must be doing something right! Its unique compatibility matching system will eliminate a lot of timewasting.

321chat logo

Another long-running chat site, there are numerous topics to explore, ranging from lesbian chat to gay teen chat. Excellent for marginalized dating communities in Australia.

Challenges of chatting on dating sites

One of the issues you will encounter when indulging in Australian chat site conversations is you have no way of gauging the motivations of someone based on their profile details. It could be the case they have dropped by to get involved in group discussions, whereas you have signed up to this dating outlet because you’re eager to connect romantically. The good news is you’ll encounter a diverse cross-section of individuals using these dating resources so you’re bound to click! These sites are perfect for any singles who might be a little shy or awkward when it comes to connecting with strangers in the online environment. We promise the longer you spend getting acquainted with the other site users, the greater your confidence will grow until you are flirting constantly!

Pros and cons of chatting on dating sites

The obvious advantage of connecting on a chat site is that you can quickly work out if there is any sense of chemistry. Because this represents a secure dating environment, whatever you decide to discuss will be personal, and private. This will give you the urge to engage in frank and honest conversations with other singles. The more frequently you sign on to your chosen dating outlet to take advantage of these chat facilities, the greater the rapport that can be developed.

The downside of using chat rooms is that there might be so many other singles clamoring for attention that you are not guaranteed to come across someone compatible straight away. As with any other aspect of online dating, the key factor to keep in mind is relationships are rarely sparked the instant people connect. A degree of patience is required if you are to make of Australian dating.

Tips to be successful on chatting at dating sites

  • The best tip of all regarding your success using these dating facilities is to approach this venture with an open mind. Never sign up to a chatting outlet with preconceptions about the type of person you will encounter, or the likely outcome of your experience. Simply play it by ear, allowing the contacts you make and the unfolding conversations to dictate how each connection progresses.
  • You are under no obligation to remain chatting to any one site user in particular. The moment you feel as if a conversation is not going the way you would have hoped, you can quickly make a polite exit and move on to the next site.
  • As you become more familiar with your chosen chat room, you will become adept at dipping in and out of online conversations, homing in on individuals you feel most affinity with. Always approach your chat room connections from a position of honesty and good humor. There is no point in trying to be sarcastic or superior when you are indulging in these discussions. These sites are little communities of kindred spirits where words of antisocial individuals will quickly spread.

Profiles are everything

The profile you prepare for any dating site is all-important. Because Australian dating resources are such a popular dating platform, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all fighting for attention. When you create a description of your personality and likes/dislikes, try to summarize rather than presenting a rambling sprawl! Anyone using a chat site is liable to have a relatively short attention span in terms of absorbing background details. They will have signed up for this process because they are keen to engage in conversation, not read someone’s biography.

Check those photos

The photo you upload to your Australian dating site will be the first impression other site users receive. It’s important to make sure you present a positive dating image. Rather than uploading a selfie you have composed while drinking a coffee, take some time preparing for this portrait. There would be no harm in ensuring your hairstyle looks good, and that you are wearing something suitably alluring. Most importantly, focus on displaying a warm smile that would invite anyone alighting on your profile to want to connect with you romantically.

Make memories and have fun

The whole point of chat site facilities is to introduce kindred spirits, presenting them with a secure environment where they can let their hair down and create strong bonds with the other members. So approach this process from the position of informality and fun. If you were to attend a party in the real world, who are you going to be most attracted to, the person skulking in the corner on their own looking glum, or someone prepared to engage you with a friendly chat, involving self-deprecating humor?


To make the most out of your dating experience, if you pay attention to all the points we have covered here, you will have a fantastic time. If you feel one particular chat site isn’t providing you with all the entertainment or connections you are looking for, all you have to do is move on to the next one. We have provided you with a shortlist of wonderful outlets, any one of which could be ideal when it comes to forging new friendships and increasing your social circle. So rather than wasting any more time fretting about joining a room, just go for it!

Where to find chat rooms?

Check out our shortlist of Australian dating sites; you’ll find thriving chat facilities on each.

How do chat rooms work?

It's straightforward. You create a profile, introduce yourself, then start texting in real-time.

Should I pay for the premium?

It’s always worth considering paying if you want to receive the best dating service possible.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. So get started with datingreview.com.au today, and seek out the ideal chat room!