Texting Dating Sites — Introduction

Have you ever wondered what the best text dating sites are? If so, you're not alone. People often struggle to find a reliable and safe site with many active users, leading to negative experiences. However, now that you've found this review, you can discover the top matchmaking solutions, as well as some advice on seeing other singles. Below are the top ten text dating sites in Australia you can join for free today.

FlirtyMature logo

FlirtyMature is a user-centric text dating site aimed at older singles looking for casual experiences. Commitments aren't frequently found here, though special features are abundant.

LesbianMatchMaker logo

LesbianMatchMaker is an ideal site for women searching for same-sex matches. It's a popular choice for younger and older females alike, and people of different religions and backgrounds are welcome.

WantMatures logo

With WantMatures, meeting mature partners online is quick and effortless. If you're interested in dating older people, this platform has got you covered.

TheLoveClub logo

TheLoveClub is one of Australia's quickest-growing text dating sites. It is the place to find friends, casual dates, or even long-term romances. Also, signing up takes a few minutes only.

LesbieDates logo

Are you seeking like-minded women? LesbieDates makes it easy to find new singles who are into local dates. Ladies here are active, features are numerous, and the site is well-protected.

Bumble logo

Welcome Bumble — one of the largest text dating sites in Australia. Users can connect a Facebook account for easy registration, and women are in charge of contacting potential dates.

FatFlirt logo

FatFlirt is a great place to find BBW singles. The website enables all of its users to enjoy meaningful online chats. FatFlirt members are after romances rather than casual encounters.

Hinge logo

A long-time standout performer, Hinge is there to provide quality dating services. The platform's premium plans are relatively low-cost, and sending messages is free.

RedHotPie logo

RedHotPie is a text dating platform for singles, couples, and swingers. People of all genders are accepted, and site moderators work round the clock to ensure all profiles are authentic.

eHarmony logo

eHarmony is the place where serious Australians come to find compatible dating interests. Membership prices are high, but you can meet numerous partners in your area in no time.

Challenges of Texting Dating Sites

    Text dating sites are decent places to find local love interests. However, some issues can occasionally get in the way, including those below.

  • Lack of chemistry
  • Indeed, it takes time to build a connection with someone. A person can seem lovely online, but they may be a different breed in reality.

  • Incompatible values and goals
  • You can meet stunning people online, only to realise sometime later that your lifepaths differ, and a relationship would never work.

  • Malicious individuals
  • Many people with bad intentions pose as real dating interests. Quite often, users are preyed on by scammers looking to make financial gains.

Pros and Cons of Texting Dating Sites

Text dating sites have certain advantages and disadvantages; below are some of those you need to consider.

  • Finding new dates is quick and easy
  • Thousands of potential partners await
  • Users can make short- and long-term connections
  • You can chat with people nearby or further away
  • Online conversations can be enjoyed anytime
  • Users with fake profiles can be encountered at times
  • Confirming one's true feelings via the Internet may be difficult
  • Meeting you're the most suitable person can take a while

Tips to Be Successful on Texting Dating Sites

 Texting Dating Sites Tips

    Would you like to up your dating game? If your answer is "yes", we have some advice for you.

  • Be honest
  • Being genuine is the best way to enjoy intimate conversations and develop new relationships. If you're being dishonest and secretive, you risk attracting the wrong people.

  • Make your move
  • People are often too scared to send the first message. However, as they say, fear makes a mountain out of a molehill. Taking the initiative is beneficial and easier than it seems.

  • Don't rush it
  • Forcing a relationship is rarely a good idea. Take your time with assessing potential dates and connecting with the right people

Profiles Are Everything

When using text dating sites, the content you include in your profile should be taken seriously. If you want to attract partners effortlessly, it's recommended to work on your page and include all the things that make you shine. In many cases, potential partners are highly interested in things you have in common. Depending on your hobbies, favourite films, and other things, other singles can estimate whether you'd make a good partner for them. If you list little to nothing about yourself, most users may disregard your profile and settle for those with catchy descriptions.

Check Those Photos

Prior to publishing your dating profile, photos are necessary to receive interest online. Men and women will often refuse to interact with users who have too few or only one picture. Because of this, we strongly suggest that you add headshot images of you smiling and engaging in activities you enjoy the most. The more photos you add, the better your chances of meeting highly compatible partners and establishing great relationships. While you're at it, consider including shots from different angles, too. Finally, make sure not to post group photos since this can be confusing to potential dates.

Make Memories and Have Fun

 Texting Dating Sites

The main objective of using text dating sites is to find fun and outgoing people and enjoy the time spent together. Once you've met that special person you've been searching for, endless activities can be enjoyed together. While some say that opposites attract, you need to ensure you engage those who enjoy similar activities and hobbies. Making memories that last a lifetime is possible with partners you click with. Sign up on a well-crafted text dating site today!


After reviewing the top 10 text dating sites in Australia, it's easy to see why they're considered great. For straight singles, Hinge is a good choice due to its free messaging facilities. For lesbians, joining LesbieDates is worth it because of amazing site features like finding like-minded people with advanced user searches. If mature partners are what you desire, FlirtyMature and WantMatures are the best options to pick. Now you know which platforms may fit you, how to use them, and what makes a good dating profile. Don't be shy to sign up and find your kind of partner now!

How Do Texting Dating Sites Work?

Text dating sites enable their users to join chat rooms and find new connections online.

Should I Pay for the Premium?

Unlike often limiting free services, premium plans offer full access and increase your dating opportunities.

Is It Worth It?

If you're not a paid member, you may not likely get matched with many singles in the nearest time.