EliteSingles goal is to make sure that you never have a mundane date ever again. And they do this by creating an environment that consists of mature, educated adults. In this EliteSingles review, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about this dating site.


  • The goal is to pair people with similar work beliefs and behaviour
  • Has a very authentic and personable questionnaire
  • Matching that is indirect
  • Aimed at a specific crowd of adults
  • Aimed at a specific crowd of adults


Once you’re released from the chains of exams and other extra murals, you might think dating gets easier or better. Still, it’s hard to find somebody that you actually enjoy being with that is able to meet up when it fits into your busy lifestyle. Dates won’t always understand that you can’t paint the town red at 9 pm on a Sunday.

A dating website specifically aimed at mature adults that are professionals, EliteSingles isn’t scant on romance. If you’re a single that won’t consider slacking in career ambitions or your partner’s educational beliefs, then EliteSingles will meet your expectations as they offer more precision than their competitor dating sites, eHarmony and Match.


With our review, we were initially a bit worried that EliteSingles catered for only the “rich, educated” single adults. It came across as snobby, similar to those dating applications that put members onto a waiting list. Luckily, there isn’t any gatekeeping on EliteSingles. Like other dating sites, you are asked for your job, salary, and education level. EliteSingles won’t deny you access should you earn less than a six-figure salary. EliteSingles hopes to gain the attention of high-quality members through marketing. Their administrative staff says it gets rid of inactive dating profiles, making it easier for you to trust that the matches are real and legit. EliteSingles is also one of the friendlier lesbian dating sites, and they want you to make a lifelong commitment.

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EliteSingles has an app on Android and iOS, and it’s also available online.

Our review found that EliteSingles’ app opens up with it’s possible best feature. On signing up, it leads you to a quiz that will establish a score, and they use this to match you up with potential singles. It doesn’t take long, maybe a few minutes, unlike eHarmony’s drawn-out quiz or OkCupid’s neverending questionnaire. When doing this review and testing the app, I was quite shocked at how in-depth the whole experience was with the minimal questions they asked.

The questions are not very definite; however, they were spot on at figuring out my personality once I had answered a few of them. “I always go according to plan.” “I’m a loyal person.” “I have a keen interest in the arts.” Those are an idea of the options you are given. You use a slider to show how much that particular trait applies to your personality, and then you move it for your partner to indicate how much you value that trait in them. Just because I party once or twice a month doesn’t mean my partner isn’t allowed to party every weekend. EliteSingles also asks the typical questions such as what age you’d like your partner to be, where you’d like them to live and what gender you’d like them to be.

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EliteSingles is created by Spark Networks. They are so happy with EliteSingles works that they use the exact same template across all their other dating applications. The app uses different data parts, such as if you want children or not, to your favourite things to do, and it puts this into dating profiles. Another dating app that Spark Networks own is Zoosk, but EliteSingles is more technically advanced. Just like a similar dating app, Hinge, EliteSingles allows you to choose favourite parts on the profile. There is a separate tab for the gallery where you can look through pictures that have been approved.


Although EliteSingles is aimed quite specifically at dating according to professional education levels, the goal at the end is the same as any other dating site, and that is to find a person who wants a romantic relationship. You’re able to envision a proper relationship with the use of the new questionnaire as it includes things like emotions, your interests and communication. You will get situations that allow you to choose what you would do in everyday conditions instead of selecting “applies the most”. If your significant other arrived 30 minutes late to a function, would you cause a scene, or would you be understanding? If you fight with your partner, do you sort it out before going to sleep, or do you stay silent and take a day to calm down?

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EliteSingles matches you with potential partners by using the results from the lengthy 30-minute questionnaire that you did. This quiz is designed after the Five-Factor model concept. Once you have answered the easy questions such as desired age, occupation and the location you want, it will recommend up to seven possible matches a day. EliteSingles will also show the compatibility out of 100, with the highest being a perfect match, as well as if you have other common interests or matches in personality.

EliteSingles searching

Upon review, we realised that EliteSingles doesn’t allow you to look for possible matches, and you will need to wait for them to send them to you. The nice thing is that once you get a match sent to you, you will have a very good idea of who your match is. It works really well for people who don’t feel like searching through a ton of singles, and it’s a more genuine matchmaker. However, if you enjoy swiping through singles and don’t like waiting, this might impatience you. Overall, the fact that it’s a bit slower is suitable for the busy professional.

  • Very short but in-depth questionnaire
  • Detailed profiles
  • Not many free options and quite costly
  • Video chatting isn’t available
  • Advertising is elitist
Pricing Plans

Nothing stops the everyday person from signing up to EliteSingles, but the fact that you need to pay might be a deterrent. If you have a free subscription, you will be able to get matches, like other member’s profiles and send icebreaker messages to other matches. If you want to view likes and see visitors and send personable messages to other members, you will have to pay for a subscription. Unfortunately, if you’re a free member, all photos will be blurred out.

  • As a free user on EliteSingles, you will be able to look through the dating website and see if other singles are interested in contacting you. You are also able to send premade questions to other members to break the ice.
  • The prices for an EliteSingles paid subscription is quite high. It costs $100 for a three-month plan, $110 for a six-month plan and $210 for an entire year.

Payment is made via Paypal or Visa. Your membership is renewed monthly unless you cancel it beforehand. You can make these changes through the Payment Management section.


This review concludes that EliteSingles is naturally a bad dating site. It doesn’t make you a terrible person if you want your partner to be well-educated and to share the same career goals. In the real world, money and work values can cause many fights.

Users of EliteSingles think they’re paying for an exclusive experience, and that’s what they should get, considering the high subscription fees that they’re paying. They should have access to matches with other singles that are professionals with a similar salary and education. However, even though the dating site’s SSL encryption might deter some scammers, it still doesn’t put a stop to members being dishonest. Nobody knows how many of those ‘elite’ members lie about their earnings or their education, just to seem more ‘world-class’.

EliteSingles charges a huge amount for their premium subscription so that similar people with matching careers and education can meet each other. It judges members by whether they have said they have a degree or not, but they don’t certify whether they are telling the truth. The entire thing is questionable.

How can I get a free three-day-trial on ELITESINGLES?

You can access local singles for free and find your ideal match today.

How quickly is the account approved?

Your account will be approved straight away. You will be able to browse through singles for free, and should you want access to other options, you will need to pay for a subscription.

What are the photo requirements on ELITESINGLES?

The minimum picture requirement is four, but aim to have at least six unique pictures.

Sign up or EliteSingles for free today!

Debbie Rivers
Debbie Rivers
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