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Nothing is as important as knowing much about a particular dating site before becoming a member. With the review, you can see the different dating sites with the best offer.

Five facts about Redhotpie

  • It is a site that has lots of fun
  • It is involved in LGBT and Queer dating
  • Couples can join the redhotpie dating site
  • Signing up on the dating app is free and easy
  • The site boasts a large of users, and this makes it very easy to get partners

Important information about Redhotpie

Redhotpie is a dating site that originated from Australia. Since its inception over 10 years ago, it has grown into a large community of over 2 million users and 800,000 active users weekly, with 33% from the US with the percentage of men as 63% while is 37%. Not only that, it accommodates all genders. On Redhotpie dating site, you can become a member by simply logging in with your Facebook login details. Sign in and upload your information such as name, profile picture, email, and what you want, among others. According to the users' percentage, the US is next to Australia among the country users.

Who Uses Redhotpie

Redhotpie dating site is the best option when it comes to online dating. This is because the site has one of the highest population well as many options that make online dating easy. Almost 30% of its users are within the age range of 25-34 and are mostly made up of singles of all genders. This makes it easy to find hookups from all walks of life as the site is a beehive of activities with many users daily. Redhotpie dating site helps people who are tired of boring life and are willing to change the status by meeting many people from different locations for an online relationship that is either based on sex or friendship.

Uses Redhotpie

How to Register at Redhotpie

Sign in through your email or a linked Facebook account and be verified instantly after completing the signing up. During the registration process, you will be asked to answer whether you are straight, transvestite/crossdresser, or transgender. Also, in stage two of the registration process, you will answer questions on your relationship status to know whether you are creating an account with a group or your partner. The third and fourth phase of the registration process involves users describing themselves. This is done by selecting the right icon for height, body type, as well as ethnic background. With this information, you will describe the type of partner you are interested in, including their age range and what you intend about the relationship. One of the ways to use this site is by downloading the app for free. This can be done by using In-app purchases. The app is very easy to use. However, it attracts a token on iTunes, or a plays store account when you buy some premium offers. To stop keeping the app or the premium services, you are expected to turn off the auto-renew button. It is better to use the app because it is faster and easier to contact other members for hookup.

Register at Redhotpie
Profile Creation

As a member, you are provided with the opportunity of choosing what you want to show on your profile. To do this, go to the " Account and Profile " to edit whatever you don't feel comfortable having there. Besides that, you can add other things you want to, such as sensitive issues like intimacy, sexual, or fetish things. Putting a profile picture is optional; however, adding it makes the profile appear more real. You can also add a separate folded for amateur, public, or private pictures. At the point of completing your profile, you can put Ask me" and " Do not display " this is done for privacy.

Profile Creation Redhotpie
Searching and Matchmaking

Searching and matchmaking on the redhotpie dating site are very easy when following simple advice on the site. This is because there are thousands of users across the globe who are always active. This provides many opportunities for members, both men and women, to get hooked instantly after joining the site. Also, the profile has a long way to determine how fast a member can be hooked. Many singles, such as cross-gender, transgender, straight, as well as LGBTQ, are always ready for hookup. Not only that, with a higher population of men on redhotpie, it is easier to get a partner for a long-term relationship.

Searching Redhotpie
Making Contact

Making contact is done by sending messages, and this is benefited only by premium members. There are different features such as:

Message: Simple messaging is almost the same as sending emails. You may also see if your message has been read or not.

Webchat: On Webchat, you can see each other and have a virtual/ physical conversation.

Text Chat: It helps you to send or receive instant messages. Its work is the same as the Facebook messenger app. To enter the chatroom, you are expected to have an Adobe Flash plug-in. Quick protip. Also, note that it works best in a Mozilla Firefox browser.

Flirt: Using flirt enables members and, most especially, guests to connect with members using default messages. There are three options which are ice breakers, to the point, as well as cheeky.

Pros and Cons

Redhotpie is a to-go option when it has to do with online dating. This is because many singles are ready to start an online relationship. One of the numerous reasons the redhotpie site keeps increasing is because:

  • The redhotpie app is easy and accessible
  • Redhotpie has advanced search options.
  • It is not all profiles you find on redhotpie that are genuine.
Pricing Plans
1 Month
26.00 USD / Month
26.00 USD
3 Months
4.17 USD / Month
12.50 USD
6 Months
1.46 USD / Month
8.75 USD
12 Months
0.53 USD / Month
6.33 USD
Premium Plus
1 Month
36.00 USD / Month
36.00 USD
3 Months
5.83 USD / Month
17.50 USD
6 Months
2.09 USD / Month
12.52 USD
12 Months
0.75 USD / Month
8.96 USD
1 Month
52.75 USD / Month
52.75 USD
3 Months
8.61 USD / Month
25.83 USD
6 Months
3.06 USD / Month
18.33 USD
12 Months
1.08 USD / Month
12.92 USD
3 Months
83.33 USD / Month
250.00 USD
Free Services
  • As a user of redhotpie dating site, under the free services, you can enjoy features such as registration, sending flirt messages, use of date finder, and joining amateur pictures. Not only that, but you will also view basic profiles, send messages to matched profiles as well as uploading pictures.
Paid Features
  • You will enjoy these benefits under the paid features on the Melbourne dating site. Sending messages, webcam chat, viewing listed phone lines, requesting a private chat, and viewing restricted photos. Apart from that, you will also be able to search listing priority, allow guests to see the listed contact details, highlight mailbox messages, and become a priority on listing search.
Payment Methods

To enjoy any of the paid features services, Each member can subscribe to any features by paying through Mobile Phone, Credit Card, or Direct Debit.

Expert's Conclusion

Redhot pie dating site is the ideal dating site for singles that are interested in relationships or friendship. It is a site that secures its members in their best capacities. Apart from that, the redhotpie dating site gives the best services and opportunities. By joining the site, you will be able to get out of boredom, make friends among single men and women, build relationships, and live a happy life.

How can I get a three-day trial on redhotpie?

When you log in and follow the procedures

How quickly is the account approved?

It takes just 72 hours.

What is the photo requirement on redhotpie?

No unwanted pictures like blurry or nude images

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Debbie Rivers
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