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Our remit at datingreviews is to provide a concise breakdown of the country’s top lesbian matching sites. We appreciate if you’re relatively new to virtual lesbian dating in Australia, the diverse array of services available to singles can sometimes seem overwhelming. But we have cast our expert eye over 10 of the most popular lesbian Aussie dating outlets, looking into every aspect of the services they provide – application procedure, dating tips, search facility, free v fee-based functionality, membership base, messaging service, additional extras, and many other topics – ensuring you can make an informed decision before completing any registration form.


This lesbian site has been operating for a relatively short while, but it has already accumulated a diverse customer base. Its simple but effective design makes it ideal for lesbian newbies.

LesbieMates logo

If you’ve grown disillusioned by having to rely on generic straight dating sites that only seem to have LGBT headings added as an afterthought, you’ll appreciate this neatly-designed package.

GaysGoDating logo

Another site where much thought has gone into presenting a slick interface, GaysGoDating covers a multitude of bases, from gay dating in China to fetish gay dating for Australians!

Bromodates logo

This site promises to make the most of its popularity by introducing you to an impressive cross-section of gay guys, from teachers to politicians, dentists to business people.

Weareher logo

The homepage positively screams 2021, in a blaze of wonderful colors, and links to related social media. You are invited to share stories about how you met your lesbian partner.

Tinder logo

The website responsible for the growing trend in dating ‘shortcuts,’ Tinder has replaced poring over profiles with swiping. What could be simpler? You swipe. She swipes. You get together.


If you are seeking a serious relationship with a like-minded Australian lesbian, EliteSingles will draw you in. Aimed at a professional customer base, compatible partners await.

OKCupid logo

OkCupid presents a fresh-looking contemporary site, with the emphasis on flesh-and-blood stories and interesting site users, rather than just banks of attractive images (although there are also plenty of those!)

Adultfriendfinder logo

A dating, hookup, and sex community, if you are too impatient to consider taking the time to build a rapport, just go for it! Swinger and threesomes also catered for.


For some, the default in LGBTQ+ online dating service, you can’t go wrong with Grindr. Every self-respecting Australian lesbian should have the app downloaded to their favorite device.

Challenges of lesbian online dating

Once you get acquainted with any of the lesbian dating sites we have reviewed here, the more you interact with other members, the greater your confidence will grow. However, you should be aware of some of the issues that can occur when using lesbian dating sites. Not all the other lesbians you will encounter will be looking for the same outcome. A minority of individuals take advantage of these dating sites with less noble ulterior motives in mind. This might be because they have been spurned in some relationships cells and are taking their frustrations out on other singles. In other cases, fake profiles are created by people wishing to extract information such as online banking details. The bottom line is that if you have any concerns about the activities you come across on these lesbian websites, really leaves to customer support who will be only too happy to assist.

Pros and cons of lesbian dating sites

Lesbian dating sites represent a fantastic and convenient way of getting in touch with kindred spirits. In the online environment, much as the LGBT dating community is vibrant, the outlets where like-minded individuals can congregate to get to know each other are more restricted than wider society. Having websites dedicated to introducing you to lesbians sharing your desires will ensure you have every chance of being matched with someone compatible. Once you get acquainted with how easy it is to navigate through the various functions on any of the above websites, you will soon find yourself interacting with a cross-section of delectable females! Where the negatives are concerned, people using these services will not necessarily have the same ultimate goal. It could be the case somebody you feel a connection with is only seeking a casual lesbian relationship, but if you are seeking something long-term then you should move on.

Tips to be successful on lesbian dating sites

  • One of the best tips to offer about being successful in your lesbian dating ventures is to take some time doing preliminary research.
  • We have provided an overview of some of the most wonderful lesbian dating outlets you’ll find in Australia. Because they will offer free access to so many of their basic features, you don’t have to feel obliged to sign up to one site in particular the moment you get a good feeling about it. Spend time sitting through the possibilities, comparing the different attributes on offer.
  • Of course, once you have made a shortlist of those resources you have found most favorable, you don’t have to stick with a particular site from that point onwards. The flexibility of Australian lesbian dating means you can chop and change. If one particular outlet isn’t working for you, all you have to do is cancel your membership and move on to another.
  • Perhaps one of the best dating tips is to relax and be yourself, no matter who you are interacting with in the online environment. Other lesbian singles will always react to contacts who appear to be friendly and hospitable. This way you will find it so much easier to develop a strong sense of chemistry.

Profiles are everything

Because many of these lesbian dating outlets are extremely popular in Australia, once you begin browsing through the other personal details you will find yourself in a competitive marketplace. This is why your profile must stand out from the crowd. Rather than treating this as a CV, exhaustively listing your finer points and strong characteristics, keep the details succinct. Summarise the aspects that make you sound an exciting and interesting individual. Consider the type of lesbian profile you would come across yourself that would inspire you to want to know more about that person.

Check those photos

The first impression of you that other site users will receive is your profile image. So rather than selecting a screenshot from social media you think reveals your ‘fun side,’ you should pay closer attention to the image you will be portraying. Make sure you use a high definition camera to capture this portrait, with no distractions in the background. Always present yourself with a friendly smile and welcoming expression. Any single lesbian alighting on your page will get the impression that you would be someone getting to know better and might be inspired to drop you a message.

Make memories and have fun

Individuals can get too hung up on these lesbian dating outlets, fretting about likely outcomes and whether or not they will forge any genuine connections. You will get far more out of any matchmaking service for lesbians if relax, focusing on the adage ‘what will be, will be.’ There is no point fixating on possible outcomes long before they’ve occurred. Instead, focus on the positives, aiming to make the most out of your online experience by making fabulous friends. There is also every chance you could encounter an individual who could become someone special in your life.


To conclude, if you are relatively new to Internet dating when it comes to seeking a lesbian partner, we have provided enough information in this article to set you on your way towards a successful experience. The websites we have highlighted introduce you to a fabulous cross-section of Australian lesbians, each of whom has uploaded the details to this webpages because they are eager to commit to a relationship. While you might occasionally come across someone who is going to waste your time and far more instances you will meet genuine people who may well become lifelong contact.

Where to look for single lesbians?

Signing up for any of these lesbian resources will introduce you to kindred spirits.

How do lesbian dating sites work?

The foundation stone of these websites is compatibility. Each will strive to find you matches.

Should I pay for the premium?

If you’re serious about lesbian dating, it is always worthwhile subscribing to access top features.

Is it worth it?

100%. Why don’t you test datingreviews for free and find out for yourself?