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Art Behind Pickup Lines
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The Art Behind Pickup Lines for Girls

When maneuvering your way around online dating, it's easy to find yourself lost for words on the best pickup lines for girls. Read on to master some icebreakers!

Conversation on the First Date
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Tips to Shape Your Conversation on the First Date

No matter how good you are with picking girls from the club, going out on a first date with someone you can consider dating is not easy. Read on for some cues.

Date in Melbourne
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Ideas for a Memorable Date in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia, is one of the coolest places in the world. We have prepared many date ideas to choose from for those interested in dating in this city.

Restaurants in Sydney
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Discover Top Romantic Restaurants in Sydney

There's a deep link between lovers and luxurious restaurants with great food and drinks. Aussie dating is no exception, and these Sydney eateries will charm you.

Dating Rules
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Common Dating Rules to Follow in the Modern World

One field where every philosopher seems to have their theory is dating. The modern dating scenario may seem complicated at first glance. Is it true, though?

Famous Gay Bars
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Famous Gay Bars to Visit in Melbourne

Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia and one of the coolest places to live. No wonder that gay dating phenomenon thrives here!

Romantic Things
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Wildly Romantic Things to Try in Brisbane

Dating requires a lot of creativity to keep the flame burning. Watching Netflix and staying indoors can get boring, indeed. Why not try something romantic?

Gay Girlfriend
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Finding the Gay Girlfriend of Your Dreams

Girls rock. You shouldn’t feel shy when you find yourself wanting some taste of lesbian dating. Read on for tips to find a gay girlfriend effortlessly.

Stages of a Relationship
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Learn About Various Stages of a Relationship

Online dating has presented singles with a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people and fall in love. But what happens after all the hype dies out?

Power of Attraction
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Discover the Magical Power of Attraction

Forget what you've heard; every girl wishes to be noticed and to succeed in dating. But what do you do if all the guys you like never seem to notice you?

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